Below are a number of links to websites, blogs and podcasts that CASS members have suggested might be interesting to the general public.  Over time we hope that this will act as a repository of skeptical resources for North America. To send us a link you think we should feature, please contact us at


Skeptical groups

Centre for Inquiry Canada

CFI Canada is an educational charity with a legal mandate to educate and provide training to the public in the application of skeptical, secular, rational, and humanistic enquiry through conferences, symposia, lectures, published works and the maintenance of a library, and to develop communities where like-minded individuals can meet and share their experiences.  We focus on three broad areas:  1. Religion, Ethics and Society, 2. Pseudoscience, Paranormal and Fringe-science claims, 3. Medicine and Health.  CASS is a part of CFI Canada, and is responsible for rapid responses to the technical issues that fall within CFI Canada's remit.

Centre for Inquiry Transnational

The umbrella organisation of CFI Canada, representing freethinkers and secularists across the world.  Based in Amherst, NY.

James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF)

Founded by famous magician James "The Amazing" Randi, this organisation seeks to promote critical thinking and to inform the public about paranormal and supernatural ideas.

Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (RDF)

A foundation established by Dr Richard Dawkins to promote critical thinking, scientific education and an evidence-based understanding of the world for the betterment of humanity.


General blogs


Skepchick is a group of women (and one deserving guy) who write about skepticism, science, feminism, secularism and pseudoscience.  Their authors have a wide range of perspective and they cover a wide range topics.

Skeptic Blog

Something of an "all-star" blog, Skeptic Blog pulls in leading skeptical contributors from around the blogosphere including Dr Steve Novella, Dr Daniel Prothero, and Dr Michael Shermer.

Skeptic North

Skeptic North covers skeptical content with a Canadian twist.  The site takes a respectful, evidence-based look at a variety of topics relevant to Canadians, including health, culture, media, politics, science, and history.


Specific topics



The Talk.Origins site is an archive of the Talk.Origins Usenet group (which was founded in 1986), which developed an extensive set of FAQs for the creationism/evolution debate.  If you have heard a claim made about evolution or creationism then it's pretty likely you'll find a well-referenced response here!

Panda's Thumb

This blog deals specifically with the creationism-evolution debate.  Many of the contributers have been involved with the debate for decades and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with creationism and intelligent design


Climate change

Skeptical Science

A Talk.Origins for the evolution/creationism debate, so has Skeptical Science done for the climate change debate.  Not only is it an active and informative blog on contemporary events int he climate change debate, but the site contains an extensive and easily searchable resource of 173 "Most Used Climate Myths", along with hundreds of posts on other topics.  The best thing about the site is that the claims are extensively referenced and those references are hyperlinked to the scientific papers where they are publicly available.


While most of the climate change blogs are run by enthusiasts who are knowledgable about the debate, RealClimate is one of the few that is run entirely by climate scientists themselves.  As a result the content is frequently more specific and technical, but always relevant and informative.


DeSmogBlog's mission is to "clear the PR pollution that clouds climate science".  Rather than engaging with the technical aspects of the science, the bloggers at DeSmogBlog focus on the portrayal of the climate debate in public discourse, providing accurate and timely responses to misinformation in the debate.



Science-Based Medicine

Across the internet, the reporting and promotion of alternative medicine and unproven therapies is credulous and unvetted.  SBM provides a critical, skeptical review of medical treatments and products so that the public can make informed healthcare decisions.

Respectful Insolence

Run by Orac (AKA Dr David Gorski), a cancer surgeon and researcher, RI contains frequently detailed and insightful posts on medicine and quackery.


Skeptical podcasts

Skeptics Guide to the Universe

Hosted by Steve Novella, Bob Novella, Jay Novella, and Rebecca Watson, the SGU covers contemporary science and skepticism with a humerous but information format.

Skeptics with a K

Hosted by the Merseyside Skeptics, the group that brought the world the anti-homeopathy 10:23 Campaign, this podcast presents skepticism with a UK perspective. 

Reality Check

Produced by the Ottawa Skeptics, the Reality Check has an irreverant take on skeptical issues, often with a focus on Canadian content.