Wi-Fi/EMF Health Scares

Despite a strong scientific consensus that there is no public health risk from the radio-frequency radiation emitted by wi-fi transmitters and other devices, anxious parents have recently been lobbying school boards, libraries, and local governments to ban the installation of wi-fi systems in public buildings. Their fear is driven by a highly organized campaign spreading misinformation based on personal anecdote and discredited fringe science. CASS is producing educational materials for distribution to organizations feeling the pressure of this campaign, to help them to make rational decisions on the basis of the best available science.

Coverage of Our Work

Ontario Catholic teachers’ union recommends pulling plug on Wi-Fi in schools

In this Postmedia story, chair Iain Martel provided a science-based response to a wifi scare in Ontario schools. 

Iain Martel, chair and spokesperson for the Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism, a body of the Centre for Inquiry Canada said the teachers’ association report amounts to “scare mongering.”


“We believe that the OECTA goes overboard in advocating an overly cautious approach to the use of Wi-Fi technology in schools,” he said in an email. “There is no plausible mechanism by which such technology could cause harm, and no good evidence of any harm.”