Active Projects

CASS volunteers are currently pursuing a variety of topics within the organization's mandate, from climate science to creationism in public schools.  Browse below for information our current projects.

Despite a strong scientific consensus that there is no public health risk from the radio-frequency radiation emitted by wi-fi transmitters and other devices, anxious parents have recently been lobbying school boards, libraries, and local governments to ban the installation of wi-fi systems in public buildings. Their fear is driven by a highly organized campaign spreading misinformation based on personal anecdote and discredited fringe science. CASS is producing educational materials for distribution to organizations feeling the pressure of this campaign, to help them to make rational decisions on the basis of the best available science.


In 2011 the scientific journal Public Understanding of Science published "The quality of the evidence for dietary advice given in UK national newspapers", a study that looked at 10 newspapers over a period of 7 days and picked out all the stories relating to the health effects of food.  The authors found that of 111 claims, around 70% had lower than the "convincing" or "probable" categories that are recommended for dietary claims. CASS is currently replicating the study in Canada to look for a difference across publishers and regions.

Shoppers Drug Mart is Canada's largest pharmacy chain.  As well as providing a valuable service to its customers, many Shoppers locations also place alternative medicines on shelves alongside conventional, science-based medicines. CASS is concerned that the juxtaposition of alternative medicines with little or no evidence of efficacy and conventional treatments which have been through many years of randomise, placebo-controlled clinical trials will lend undue respectability to the former group.  We are currently in communication with Shoppers to help remedy this situation. ____________________________________________________________

CASS shares the commitment of its parent organisation, the Centre for Inquiry, to educating the public about critical thinking and scientific skepticism. CASS is currently developing school curricula designed to encourage children to think critically and scientifically about the world around them.

Science Fiction conventions are frequently a hotbed of scientific interest.  CASS is currently beginning to offer speakers to attend conventions to give talks or lead discussions on the cutting edge of science and the role of science and skepticism in society.

The climate change debate has been fought largely outside of the peer-reviewed scientific literature, which has reached a strong consensus that not only is the environment warming but that anthropogenic greenhouse gases are a primary cause of that warming.  Instead, climate change deniers are seeking to promote their rhetoric in classrooms, both in schools and in universities.  

The Nightingale Collaboration is  named after Florence Nightingale, who was famous for using evidence-based treatments during her nursing practice in the Crimean War.  In 2010 (the centenary of her death in 1910) a group was established in the UK to highlight the large number of advertisements for alternative medicine that lacked sufficient evidence to make the claims that they make.