Climate Change Denial in Carleton University Course Exposed by National Science Team

For a copy of the report, click here.
Ottawa, ON (28 Feb 2012) – A science watchdog has released a report slamming a course taught at a leading Canadian university over what they call “biased and inaccurate” claims concerning climate change.
The course “Climate Change: An Earth Sciences Perspective”, taught by Tom Harris for two years, is the subject of a 98-page report written by the Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism (CASS).  The report constitutes a blow-by-blow response citing extensively from the scientific literature to rebut 142 erroneous and fully-quoted claims.
On auditing the course, CASS discovered that key messages for students contradict accepted scientific opinion. These messages include: denying that current climate change has an anthropogenic cause; dismissing the problems that carbon dioxide emissions cause because CO2 is plant food; denying the existence of the scientific consensus on the causes of climate change; and claiming that we should prepare instead for global cooling.
A copy of the report can be downloaded at
The Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism critically engages with scientific, technological and medical claims made in public discourse. With a panel of expert advisers and volunteers, CASS addresses factual inaccuracies and misinformation in public debates by promoting evidence-based science. CASS is a working group of the Centre for Inquiry Canada, the leading freethought organization in Canada promoting reason, science, secularism and freedom of inquiry.
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